Pro Server Pack

Pro Server Pack

Pro Server Pack Overview

IColor can get you up and running in no time

The best way to control your printing workflow is through a dedicated print server, allowing control of multiple print devices from a central computer. Uninet provides full concierge service to get you up and running in minutes instead of hours.

The IColor Pro Server Pack Includes:

Top Quality Dell Notebook

  • Minimum specs (subject to change based on availability):
  • Intel Core i5 or i7
  • 8GB memory
  • Windows 7
  • 10/100 NIC, Sound, Touchpad, USB, HDMI, CDROM
  • Preconfigured with IColor print software
  • IP addresses preset and configured
  • Everything ready to go when unboxed

Cisco 5 Port Switch

  • High performance unmanaged switch
  • 10/100 Gigabit speed
  • Supports bandwidth-intensive applications

Atrix Omega Plus Vacuum & Filter

  • ESD Safe with fine particulate filter
  • Quiet, powerful and energy efficient
  • 1,000 hour motor & 3 year warranty

Cleaning Supplies

  • OPC Drum and media Cleaning Solution
  • 4”x4” Cotton Cleaning Cloths (100 pack)

Color Coded Network Cables

  • Complete set to make connecting a breeze
  • High quality & booted to prevent snags
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